At Select, our goal is to provide luxury craftsmanship with personalized options to build on your land. To do so, we meet individual client needs as well as specific lot and community requirements. Along with a tailored building program, we want our clients to have a hands-on experience with a professional team they can trust—and face-to-face interactions that make the process all the more personal. Below are some of the touch-points you can look for throughout your build with Pahlisch Select.


A Personalized Client Manager to Guide You Through the Build on Your Land Process 

Once you decide to build on your land with Select, we’ll begin some initial exploratory communication. During these conversations, we’ll discuss your lot (or provide advice if you need help obtaining one) and go over the initial site preparations, budgeting, and finance options. Then, you’ll start work with a Client Manager who will be your guide throughout the process. 

In a “Welcome to Select” meeting with the Client Manager, we’ll talk about our build program, go over the personalization options available, and determine your goals.

Then, we get down to the details.

Your Client Manager will show you award-winning floor plan options within your budget, including home tours to view the plans if they’re available in your region. Once you’ve made that decision, you’ll begin discussing the site work portion of the process, or what we call your Build Options. This includes general site preparations prior to the construction of your home, such as clearing the lot, excavation, utilities, and more.  We break Build Options down by the following management selections: 

Standard: This option includes the construction of the home, from foundation to the finish of the building envelope, allowing for client-managed site work.

Standard Plus: The Select team bids and manages all site preparations, and the client contracts and pays tradesmen directly. A Pahlisch Select management fee would apply.

Personalized: For a more turn-key experience, we include some, or all, of the site preparations in our Build Contract. A Pahlisch Select management fee would apply.

Once you’ve selected your Build Option, determined any structural floor plan modifications (see Plan Modifications below), and put down an initial deposit, your Client Manager will schedule a meeting to dive deeper into the Standards & Specifications, which is the starting point for Select homes. From here, you can personalize the details of your build with our a la carte options, such as pendant lights, tile flooring, specialty-colored windows, and more. Once we design the home of your dreams and identify our scope of work, we’ll firm up the price, go over the contract in-depth, and get started on the next steps of the build. 


Teaming Up with CAD on Plan Modifications 

If one of our floorplans doesn’t meet all of your needs, we will work alongside you in investing in an individualized design. This is where our computer-aided design (CAD) team begins to work diligently with the technical elements of the floor plan design and construction to bring your ideas to fruition. 

CAD is a crucial part of the design process where we can visualize the height, width, distance, and materials of your floor plan before we even break ground. It also helps us work through any potential problems before they can even happen. 

When you choose Select to build on your land, everything is personalized. Our teams work with you to modify our plans based on lot difficulties (see Site Meetings below), architectural requirements specific to the community, and your preferred floor plan changes. As we work through these structural changes, you can expect more face-to-face interactions to iron out the remaining build details. Although the initial pre-contract work takes some time, it lays the foundation for a worry-free build. But once everything is approved, we can start turning these details into your dream home.


Site Meetings and Breaking Ground to Build on Your Land

This next step is where we roll up our sleeves. After receiving the initial deposit, we’ll schedule a site meeting to nail down your goals and plan how to best bring them to life when we build on your land. 

Depending on the lot difficulty, you could meet with a range of team members in this stage. These team members might include your Client Manager, construction team member, CAD, surveyors, and excavation contractors. It’s vital that we have a clear understanding of the property before we break ground to ensure that the building process goes smoothly. 

Once we do break ground though, your construction team will provide regular updates and check-ins, so you’re always in the know.


Designer Meetings for the Fine Details 

Remember when we mentioned the personalized nature of building with Select? Once you move past the contract phase, you’ll work with a professional designer from our team who will explore your preferences and schedule meetings accordingly. Typically, homeowners can expect about one to four meetings with their designer, depending on the scope of work. 

This is a great time to ask questions and build on the goals you established at the beginning of the process with your Client Manager. Your designer will walk alongside you during the selection process and help you with any questions or concerns on all exterior and interior selections including finishes, fixtures, appliances, and flooring. They’ll also provide their professional recommendations and advice as necessary to help you feel fully satisfied with your choices. 


Builder Walk to Double Check the Build is What You Dreamed 

As construction progresses with Select, you’ll participate in a Builder Walk. This will occur before sheetrock with your assigned construction site supervisor and designer so you can review the details of the build together. It’s a great opportunity to check that all your previously selected items are on track and that your vision is brought to life. 

From reviewing cabinetry design to assessing electrical and plumbing, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to capture the moment when the idea to build on your land becomes real!


Get Ready to Enjoy Your New Home 

It’s almost time to live in your new home! As we approach closing, you’ll schedule a Homeowner Orientation with our Customer Care team, where you’ll explore your new home and review home systems, such as shut-off locations. Although you may need or request additional site visits, this final orientation and the Builder Walk are the formal meetings that will prepare you for life in your new home. 

After this, it’s not long until we hand you the keys and you can settle in!

Pahlisch Select Makes Your Dreams to Build on Your Land a Reality 

At Pahlisch Select, we believe that the building process should be personalized and intimate. When you choose us to build on your land, you can expect a service that’s tailored to your lot, lifestyle needs, and budget. Our team will ensure we’re on track and exceeding your expectations every step of the way. If you’re ready to Select your future home, contact us today! Or you can explore our award-winning floorplans and read more about our process on our website

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