Pets undoubtedly make our lives richer. They fill our homes with rambunctious energy, nonstop affection, and humor. And of all the things we can do for our pets, providing a comfortable home is top for most pet owners. A recent National Association of Realtors survey found that 43% of homeowners are willing to move to accommodate their pets. Here are some pet-friendly house design trends that make keeping your interiors clean and pets comfortable a win-win.


Luxury Vinyl, Tile, and Other Stain-Resistant Flooring For Your Pet 

Flooring is the most used feature of every home. Unfortunately, muddy paw prints, messy drinks from the water bowl, and the great race to the front door to welcome visitors can leave some major wear and tear on floors. Choosing a flooring option that looks great and lasts a long time will save you money from having to replace broken or damaged surface areas from your pet’s claws. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is one type of flooring with extreme strength and resistance to damage from water or scratches. Tile and engineered hardwoods are other popular materials that stand up to wear and tear from pets. The sweet spot for durable pet flooring is where stain and scratch resistance meets style. 

Add a Dog Washing Station in the Mud Room For Less Mess

Dogs especially tend to race inside after a day of exploring muddy trails. So if you’re tired of getting tangled up in the shower curtain trying to wrestle a wet dog into the bathtub, consider installing a dog-washing station in the mudroom or laundry room. A quick hose down where the nearest water hookup exists will save your interiors from the dirt and stains accompanying your pet’s outdoor adventures.

When designing a dog washing station, it should be approximately twice or three times the size of your pet. That means just enough room for the dog to sit or stand without being able to sneak out of the shower or hide in the corner. Consider including a handheld shower attachment as you may need to move around to adjust to your pet’s avoidance or enthusiasm about the water. Open shelving options are another great idea to keep shampoos, soaps, dog brushes, and stacks of clean towels within reach. 

Gates Are a Pet-Friendly House Design Tip to Keep Pets Off Furniture

Securing your pet in an area of the house while you work or cook dinner is a popular pet-friendly house design feature. If your pet has the bad habit of stealing food off countertops or you want carpeted areas that are off limits, you may have tried using a baby gate to keep them corralled and out of trouble. Thankfully, there are more aesthetically pleasing options for pet gates. 

Alternately, a great option is a built-in gate that matches your home interior’s design style and preferred materials. Include a pet gate as part of your home interior design plan, and never worry about it distracting from your home’s intended look and feel. Pocket door gates are the latest trend in home design for pet gates. The ability to retract the gate into a wall gives the option of keeping the space open or closed without that constant, walled-off look. Other creative ideas include a farmhouse pet door that matches the interior decor style of your home.

More Space With a Yard or Enclosed Dog Run

A dedicated green space is one of the top gestures of love you can give your pet. Especially if your dog tends to chew up patio furniture or dig up freshly planted flowers, a dog run is a great outdoor solution to give your pet space to roam without being destructive. For example, artificial turf, natural grass, wood chips, and concrete are all great options for landscaping your dog run for your desired look and functionality. And if you have cold winters, you might consider a dog house or a covering for the area when your pet is outside in the snow or rain. 

An Automatic Water-Filler, Feeding Dish, and Custom Pet Doors

In reality, almost everything can be automated nowadays, which is excellent for busy lifestyles! Between running the kids to school, stopping by client meetings, and keeping the laundry going, it’s easy to forget to feed your dog on time (until he protests) or let him outside. If you want your home to feel tidy, consider an automatic pet food dish to keep the kitchen space clean and organized. Or, for a more custom look and feel for your pet’s feeding space, consider hooking up a pet water filler near their dish to avoid those splash-over moments from the kitchen sink. Finally, dog and cat door designs have improved massively since they first came on the market. Now there’s a design solution for every shape and size of pet you have. Consider some of these fun ideas for dog door design and get inspiration for your next home! 

Discover Pet-Friendly House Design Options with Pahlisch Select 

Lastly, providing a comfortable and safe home environment is every pet parent’s top priority. If you are dreaming up a pet-focused feature for your future home, Pahlisch Select would love to work with you to make it a reality. We love creating possibilities around our clients’ preferred lifestyles! If you encountered an exciting new home feature idea for your pet, talk to one of our Client Managers about it. They’ll schedule you for a discussion of the possibilities when building a personalized, affordable luxury home with Pahlisch Select. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for regular updates on more trending home designs.