One of the leading fundamentals of Pahlisch Homes is building with intention while catering to the needs of past, current, and future customers. With this commitment, Pahlisch Select is now introducing the opportunity to build or add an alternative dwelling to your lot. Whether you are looking for a dream home to build with space for your mother-in-law or prefer to construct a simple but stunning tiny home on a small lot, this opportunity will accommodate you and your family’s essentials no matter what stage you are in life. Your options for building an alternative dwelling through Pahlisch Select are endless, stress-free, and low maintenance – while still providing the highest standards of comfort and luxury that Pahlisch offers.


What is an alternative dwelling?

You may already know of an alternative dwelling as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), cozy home, guest house, multi-generational living, accessory apartment, or even a tiny home. Additionally, an alternative dwelling is an attached or detached unit, with or without a primary residence included. If the unit is detached, it usually has less square footage than the primary residence. Any alternative dwelling can range anywhere from 600 square feet to 1,200 square feet and includes a living space, bathroom, kitchenette, and a private entrance.


Benefits and perks of alternative dwellings

Multi-generational living

Alternative dwellings provide possibilities for those who are seeking multi-generational living opportunities. Whether it be parents needing assistance as they get older or one of the children wanting to move back home, this can be the most ideal and flexible space for them to obtain their own living quarters. Furthermore, the benefits of cohabitating the same property can be very lucrative. You can share expenses including bills and utilities, ongoing yard maintenance, mortgage payments, substitution for senior living facilities, built-in childcare, or whatever may be a win-win within your family dynamics.

Land practicality

Finding affordable, buildable, and available land in a preferred residential neighborhood can be a huge challenge. Land and property are harder to come by and can be very expensive, thus finding a premium lot that would support your primary home build, as well as an alternative dwelling could certainly be a more suitable option. Our culture has also shifted, requiring families to live in smaller quarters due to land limitations. Alternative dwellings support this shift by providing a smaller home for their primary residence.

Downsize square footage

The investment of an alternative dwelling can seamlessly support your desire for downsizing your home’s square footage and/or lot acreage. Bigger families are looking for larger homes, larger yards, and more space, which requires more home for them to fill with possessions. These larger homes are easier to come by as this was the recent ongoing trend. But most currently, a greater percentage of our population is preferring to live in a smaller home and smaller piece of land, which is not as easy to come by. Those who are looking to downsize or continue living in a smaller space can enjoy the same amenities of a larger home on a reduced scale via an alternative dwelling, while still providing an easy-to-maintain and comfortable living space.

Multi-purpose space

Depending on what stage of life you are in, an alternative dwelling can be used for many different purposes to meet your current needs. It can easily transform into your hobby area, home office, personal sanctuary, kid’s homeschool room, guest house, or a quick place to escape from day-to-day responsibilities around your primary residence. This addition to your lot has the capability to be the most versatile, functional, yet still cozy space that everyone in the family can benefit from.

Personalize your dream dwelling with Pahlisch Select

With Pahlisch Select, your alternative dwelling can be inviting and cozy, with all the same luxuries as a larger home. Select has thoughtfully designed six different floorplans ranging from 400 square feet to 792 square feet, ensuring every corner of your dwelling be livable, comfortable, enjoyable, and peaceful. Additionally, you can modify one of the pre-existing floor plans to create your dream dwelling that meets all your desires. You have the choice to enhance anything from lighting, hard surfaces, pop-outs, garage space, and more!

Pahlisch requests that your alternative dwelling be built on a foundation, meaning the unit cannot be built on any sort of travel trailer or other platforms. Other considerations when planning your dwelling is the lot size, lot obstacles, jurisdiction, and CCRs. Every county, community, and neighborhood will have specific guidelines which should be reviewed beforehand. Furthermore, establishing and using an alternative dwelling will fall under different zoning rules and regulations depending on your regional jurisdiction. The Pahlisch Select team will gladly guide you through these barriers when evaluating a lot. If anything is discovered during the jurisdictional review, it will your responsibility to mitigate these and coordinate action plans. For example, if adding an alternative dwelling maximizes your utility capacity, you will need to organize efforts to increase your utility bandwidth accordingly.

When you partner with Select, you can expect high-quality services that are tailored to your schedule, lifestyle needs, and budget. You will be assigned to a personalized client manager who will ensure the project stays on track and exceeds your expectations every step of the way.


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